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Rudd and Associates Welcomes You

Doing Business the Right Way

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About Us

Rudd & Associates

 is a National Manufacturer's Representative Agency based in Cincinnati, OH since 1989.

The agency represents a variety of high-quality manufacturers that produce architectural & decorative hardware, architectural surface materials and lighting products from around the globe.

Our primary mission is to facilitate the movement of product and product information from the manufacturer to architects, builder, contractors, developers, interior designers and specific showrooms.

We can supply custom and standard product lines for commercial, corporate, hi-rises, hospitals, hotels, multi-family, restaurants, spas, and residential in the US and abroad.

All of our product lines are quality controlled to the highest of standards from our factories to meet your needs.

Architectural and Decorative Hardware

Architectural Surface Materials

Architectural & Decorative Lighting

Carved w00den panels


3 D walls

Wall tile

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